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(excuse the quality - phone cameras are shit at night)

It's a bit off the usual railways, but definitely worth a visit. The staff are extremely well mannered and ceremonial, even for Japanese. The rooms are quite generously sized and face a well-groomed traditional garden with old trees, Koi pond, stone arrangements and all that stuff. That's also where you are served your welcome Matcha and sweets.

The most important thing for me, of course, is that they have a wonderfully relaxing common bath both indoors and outdoors, with sauna and a cooldown pool.

One important thing, though: You should book dinner, because there are very few restaurants in the vicinity, especially later at night.

Just don't expect the building to be very old. Other than westerners, the Japanese place little value in the long-term persistence of houses. So the original building has long ceased to exist. They to exhibit some old artifacts, though.

tl;dr: You should go if it's on your route or if you don't mind the detour.
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