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Fun fact: While anyone can make flip flops, the universally known term "flip flop" (in the context of footwear) is trademarked.

This causes a major headache for anyone who wants to sell them, because customers need to be able to look up the product using the trademarked term, without stores showing the phrase in any search results or description pages, and still being able to translate it to various synonyms of this simple thing.

Fuck flip flops. They are just some flimsy shit that starts breaking within months anyway. And fuck the ones who trademarked the term even harder.

Just use high quality sandals instead. Much more comfortable, can handle a moderate degree of activity, and they don't flip sand below your foot like it's their main purpose - as opposed to flip flops. If that doesn't convince you, they stay comfy for years with the proper care. Flip flops? Garbage after a few weeks, and there is no care that could extend their lifetime. Just more plastic for the turtles to choke on in the pacific.

I really dislike flip flops.
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