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June 24 2018

Why is the Macarena playing in the background, and why is there a green swastika? So many questions.
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June 10 2018

Fun fact: While anyone can make flip flops, the universally known term "flip flop" (in the context of footwear) is trademarked.

This causes a major headache for anyone who wants to sell them, because customers need to be able to look up the product using the trademarked term, without stores showing the phrase in any search results or description pages, and still being able to translate it to various synonyms of this simple thing.

Fuck flip flops. They are just some flimsy shit that starts breaking within months anyway. And fuck the ones who trademarked the term even harder.

Just use high quality sandals instead. Much more comfortable, can handle a moderate degree of activity, and they don't flip sand below your foot like it's their main purpose - as opposed to flip flops. If that doesn't convince you, they stay comfy for years with the proper care. Flip flops? Garbage after a few weeks, and there is no care that could extend their lifetime. Just more plastic for the turtles to choke on in the pacific.

I really dislike flip flops.
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June 05 2018

@zelbekon Thank you for making Soup history with your video dump. Songs will be sung about it.
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June 01 2018

Article 20 of the GDPR grants you the right to download all your personal data from a site. The stuff you put on MAL clearly is personal data, as it outlines your preferences and can be used to create an interest profile of you.

Contact them by mail or something to demand your data. They have some time, I think up to a few months, to comply and send it to you.

If they fail to do so, it's time to deploy some tactical nuclear lawyers and sue the shit out of them. Watching this happen would give me a serious privacy boner.
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April 26 2018

There is also another, less fancy marker between the platforms of the Yamanote line.
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March 20 2018

Fun fact: There is a project for managing SSH keys across a large number of servers called SSH permit A38, obviously based on Asterix.
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December 20 2017

That movie is the spark that ignites the fuse that lights the fire that detonates the bomb that rattles the shelf on which canon is standing and The Last Jedi will fall off.

October 10 2017

The show seems really boring, but I'd still watch some of it just for the sake of out-of-place Star Trek references. That shit gets me going.
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September 07 2017

Maybe they had to get another job to have enough income to support their lifestyle.
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June 06 2017

That's not even an orc. It's an Uruk-hai. You can tell by how tall it is, the armor, and by the fact that the entire attacking force in the movie was comprised of Uruk-hai. That's differs from the books, where Uruk-hai were the majority, but were also supported by Orcs and Dunlanders totaling about two thirds of their number.

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May 26 2017

Here's the source: https://www.16personalities.com/

Interesting read. Of course, this is not a perfect way to classify personalities, but it's not all the way off either. At the same time it's either very entertaining or sad how accurate some descriptions of the personality you end up with are.

May 17 2017

Pivotal Tracker. It lasts for a long time, until the product outgrows it. As long as the team is small and lean, you won't have any issues, though.

What I definitely NOT recommend:
* Trac: Does the job, but the UX is terrible. Over-configuration quite likely, especially for small teams.
* Redmine: Same as Trac, but in Ruby instead of Python.
* JIRA: Once you join the dark side, there's no going back.
* Virtually every TODO SaaS: It doesn't work out. Things go stale. You'd have to do a pretty awesome job at onboarding the team to get it working. It's just too vague. Some I've tried and failed with are Wunderlist, Trello and Basecamp.

* If your team is fully distributed, most of the tools I don't recommend might work, because they could be set up as the primary channel of communication. Once it has become the main way to communicate, it will work out, because all information is in one place, and the overhead of the tool can't be navigated around by means of personal communication.
* If the whole team is on site, just use damn post-it notes. It doesn't get any leaner. If you need a tool in addition to post-it notes, make sure to keep both in sync, or at least define the single source of truth.
* It's tempting for an engineer to create a really intricate workflow that covers all the bases. This will only tie you down in bureaucracy in reality. Spent as little time as possible on workflows, and let people improvise for edge cases. I presume you work with intelligent humans - they'll to the responsible thing.
* Define a single source of truth. The issue tracker should have precedence over coffee maker conversations, and coffee maker conversations that are actually relevant should be recorded in the issue tracker. If you look back at an issue in a year, you won't remember every decision you made in a conversation. Document the shit out of stuff.

Just some things I picked up over the years. Hope it helps.
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May 12 2017

7522 821a 500
(excuse the quality - phone cameras are shit at night)

It's a bit off the usual railways, but definitely worth a visit. The staff are extremely well mannered and ceremonial, even for Japanese. The rooms are quite generously sized and face a well-groomed traditional garden with old trees, Koi pond, stone arrangements and all that stuff. That's also where you are served your welcome Matcha and sweets.

The most important thing for me, of course, is that they have a wonderfully relaxing common bath both indoors and outdoors, with sauna and a cooldown pool.

One important thing, though: You should book dinner, because there are very few restaurants in the vicinity, especially later at night.

Just don't expect the building to be very old. Other than westerners, the Japanese place little value in the long-term persistence of houses. So the original building has long ceased to exist. They to exhibit some old artifacts, though.

tl;dr: You should go if it's on your route or if you don't mind the detour.
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March 09 2017

Something like that happened to me once. I was out with some people one night, and at one point a random dude I've never met approached me and started fondling my beard for a few seconds.

After he had stopped, he didn't apologize or anything - just complimented me on the majestic beard. Since I was taken completely by surprise, I countered by saying a few words on care products I use, and encouraging him to grow one of his own.
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February 23 2017

I don't get it. The fourth is actually simpler than the first one.
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February 14 2017

This shell script makes me weep. Such a simple solution using simple means, to create an effective tool. The only thing I could think of adding to it would be time-based backoff to avoid overloading the notoriously brittle CDN hosts. Regardless, it works so well, I stand in awe.

Kudos to you, my friend.
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June 01 2015

Pure lemon juice is the reason to be alive. 100% goose bumps as the reaction to the flavor travels from the lower back to your head. It's the one thing that wakes you up. Your teeth's nemesis, but alertness' greatest ally. Imagine a cold shower, or two, or thirteen. That's what a tablespoon of pure lemon juice tastes like. Concentrated awesome. So, if life gives you lemons, burn life's house down, because then the lemon monopoly is yours, and world domination is just a step ahead.
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May 16 2015

Best of luck in the future, then! We're all gonna make it.
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Poręba is just 9h by train from where I live. Let's do something. I'm drunk right now, but I have a history of respecting drunk promises and being happy with the outcome.
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May 14 2015

Well, there is no shame in using a tiling window manager, lots of shells, ncmcpp and htop. The rest is just edgy skiddie shit, though.
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