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March 08 2020

All that protection and a gas mask with no filter. Might as well use none of it.

If you have ticks urging you to touch your face often, like eye scratching and nose picking, something physical to prevent you from that still helps. A simple mask, glasses, and gloves would be sufficient in place of a sweat inducing plastic suit, though.
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February 25 2020

Stay ahead of the curve... and the curve is rising. If you live in central Europe and haven't stocked up on food supplies, the window is closing. I've seen several people in supermarkets here in Austria arguing with cashiers about what a "typically allowed household purchase" is when they roll around with shopping carts full of canned food.

I don't know if the pandemic is happening, but the panic is definitely happening, and it will grow worse.
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February 24 2020

Soup was sold as a company. The company's agreed obligations to their customers remain in effect, regardless of who happens to own the company at the time.

Contracts work both ways, so the company is not in a more powerful position, unless the contract says so. Closest thing I have to a written contract are the terms of service, which contain the following paragraphs in the section related to digital goods (which Soup UP is):

Operator can cancel a contract without reason at any time she chooses by refunding the paid amount.
Operator can cancel an account without refunding when user violates the content policy, especially when posting unlawful content or SPAM

So the contract remains in effect until it is canceled by refund, or the operator (i.e. Soup) can plausibly claim that I have done something wrong.

By the way, no ads on my friends feed today! They either fixed ad visibility for paying customers, or got rid of ads altogether.
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February 23 2020

I paid in early 2015. As I recall, that year was safe from the soupocalypse, so the ad issues can't be blamed on broken database backups.
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February 22 2020

They have claimed to do that for years, but I'm only seeing them since yesterday. They have to make money somehow, I guess, given that monthly operational costs are not that cheap according to the previous owner.
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January 14 2020

7083 e8a5
Reminded me of Terra Formars.
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December 19 2019

These covers look so much cooler than their original counterparts.
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October 07 2019

The dog just wants to protect its owners from drinking shitty beer. Good dog.
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September 29 2019

The rod is not for sharpening, but for honing a knife. The knife already has to be in top sharp condition for this thing to make sense, because, if applied properly, it corrects small imperfections in the alignment of the tip of the blade. A dull edge can't be sharpened by a tool that is merely designed to point an already-sharp edge in the right direction.

Don't underestimate that rod, though. If you keep a sharp knife, you can have the feeling of cutting something with a freshly sharpened blade without the resharpening part for quite some time, depending, of course, on your cooking frequency, the ingredients you're cutting, and your technique.

Also, don't use equally hard materials on each other for honing. The rod always has to be harder.
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July 22 2019

Fake AF. The marker is in the middle of a field, and there is another marker in town that's just called "lol that name". Obviously, people are submitting fake places because they find the name of the town amusing.

By the way, places like this ending in -ing are named after the Germanic clan running the village in the olden days. The clan's name is what comes before the -ing, so this place use to be run by a clan that was simply named Fuck, whatever that may have meant in the local dialect of the ancient Germanic languages, and was probably mangled over the centuries.
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July 14 2019

Who on earth puts ketchup on waffles? The people who also put pineapple on pizza?
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April 25 2019

Looks like Soup is in new hands now. What changes can we expect? What about upload filters (I actually have ideas for legal loopholes to circumvent them indefinitely)? Is my Soup Infinity subscription still worth a damn? I would have liked to get a t-shirt at least.
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March 27 2019

By the way, the people behind Cards Against Humanity claim that they are Jews. So I guess they are entitled to make Jew jokes by any current standard of criticism I know about that isn't tinfoil-hat-level batshit insane.

Once that's no longer true, I'm all for nuking humanity into oblivion, because there is no more hope in a world where people can't even make fun of their own group.
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October 07 2018


October 05 2018

On a scale from WTFPL to GPL, what is a good license from your point of view?
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October 03 2018

Two others and I could already cover a third of that, so given the number of people interested in this, we can probably reach that mark, or something below with some negotiation.

The thing about moving to something different is that it needs to be seamless to keep the community intact. That means auto-importing years of history preemptively from a source that tends to be down from time to time. That's an extra challenge, especially since it needs to be updated continuously until the final switch happens.

Operational costs of Soup can, by the way, be most likely cut in half with some engineering and using more efficient content delivery. There is, however, the looming threat of EU-prescribed upload filters. Depending on how Soup is organized in the future, they might not be a problem, though, because small organizations and non-profits are exempt from this requirement.
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I've been in touch with the owner for some time, and they are hoping to recover their investment since taking over, which is in the 30k range.
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